The Best Lawn Edger of 2014-2015 (w/ Reviews)

Are you looking for a way to increase the curb appeal of your home? Getting the perfect appearance of a manicured lawn no longer means that you have to make a phone call to the local landscaping company; you can get professional results at home, as long as you have the right tools.

Lawn edge trimmers should be part of the landscaping tools you use around the home and are an affordable way to get that finished appearance. Here are three options to consider when choosing lawn edge trimmers:

Black & Decker LE750 Edge Hog

Black and Decker LE750 Edge HogEase of use and reliability are two of the reasons that homeowners lead towards electric edge trimmers when shopping for lawn care tools. Electric edge trimmers come with less maintenance and fewer potential issues than rival gas powered counterparts.


  • 11 AMP, 2 ¼ HP Motor with 150 inches/pound of torque
  • Easy adjustments with the three position edging blade
  • Easy to maneuver at 12 lbs
  • One edger blade included in package
  • Quiet operation allows for landscaping at any time of day

Unlike the other two models that are being featured, the Black & Decker Edge Hog is corded and doesn’t require gas. This means you’re going to be able to take advantage of quieter operation, making it a great choice for suburban areas where houses are in close proximity to one another.

Adjustments on the Black & Decker are easy. All that you need to do to adjust the height of the edger is undo one screw from the front of the edger and raise or lower the wheel to determine the height of the groove.

Why choose the Black & Decker Edger? For homeowners interested in reducing their impact on the environemtn, the electric powered edge trimmer means reducing your impact on the environment. In addition to a reduced impact, the edger has increased safety measures and is only powered when pressure is applied to the trigger.

Troy-Bilt TB516

Troy-Bilt TB516Cutting clean edges along the lawn, walkways and garden is easy, when you have the right tools. The Troy-Bilt edger can help to create a manicured lawn to the final touches.

In addition to the traditional start, customers can choose to upgrade the unit with the available (add-on) feature that includes the Press2Start electric adapter – making it even easier to jump start the lawn maintenance.


  • 4 Stroke, 29CC Engine
  • 9” blade with dual tips
  • Adjust height to five depths
  • Edging depth up to two inches
  • Easy to assemble

Lawn and edge-trimmers have a bit of a reputation for their excessive size and weight. The Troy-Bilt TB516 Gas Powered Edger comes with the power to edge the lawn and create the manicured look on walkways and gardens, but without the cumbersome size. This makes it easy to transport and store the edger in small spaces and easier to control while maintaining the lawn.

Why choose the Troy-Bilt Edger? The combination of the easy start system and the gas powered motor provide the homeowner with an easy way to maintain the lawn from start to finish.

Husquavarna 323EX

Husquavarna 323EXWhen it comes to choosing an edge trimmer, you’re going to want to choose a model where small adjustments can be made to suit the specific needs of the lawn. Using the Husquavarna 323EX, you’re going to be able to adjust the edger blade to various depths, as well as the handles.


  • 8” blade on the edger
  • Curved shaft to create a perfectly manicured lawn
  • Easy, auto-return stop
  • Large guide wheel to quickly adjust the edger depth

Why choose the Husquavarna edge trimmer? The trimmer is designed with a large wheel that makes it easy to maneuver around the outdoor space. Whether you’re edging a large or small space, you’re going to be able to follow along curves and straight lines with ease.

Edge trimmers have the ability to put the final touches on the lawn that is being maintained. Comparing the prices, reviews and features of the edge trimmers being considered can help to make the final decision and choose the trimmer that’s going to fit within the budget – but that’s not going to compromise the performance needed to dig deep for those tough edges.

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