Best Battery Operated Weed Eater/Whacker Reviews 2014-2015

Used to put the finishing touches on the lawn, weed eaters are used to trim the spots that are overlooked or inaccessible by the mower as well as finishing tasks to get that perfectly manicured look.

Walking through the lawn care and maintenance section of your local hardware store can leave you with questions about the available features and leave you wondering which model is going to give you the best value for your money. However, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Here are three models that give you the best bang for your buck and come with the features you need to get your lawn to the best it can be.

Black & Decker NST2118

Black and Decker NST2118The Black & Decker NST2118 starts with the pull of a trigger and provides higher levels of power that travel through the machine, all the way to the strings. Using the electric model that comes with power drive transmission, you’re going to get the power that comes with choosing gas lawn products, without the hassle of fuel refilling and mechanical issues that gas lawn tools are known for.

Features of the Black & Decker NST2118

  • Converts from a trimmer to an edger, for a versatile lawn tool that can tackle any job you need done
  • Easy trigger start
  • Includes two batteries for double run time
  • Easy line changes for fast preparation
  • Lightweight design makes it easy to manage medium to large lawns

Why choose the Black & Decker NST2118? The Hog Trimmer includes not only one, but two batteries that can be used to tackle outdoor jobs. Two batteries means that you can get started on the lawn work, while one battery is charging. For lawn care that comes with efficiency, Black & Decker has you covered.

Earthwise CST00012

Earthwise CST00012This trimmer provides lawn enthusiasts with an inexpensive way to trim the areas that aren’t as accessible with the mower. With a price point lower than the other three models and features like the telescoping handle for easy storage, it’s the perfect choice for urban dwellings.

Features of the Earthwise CST00012 Weed Eater

  • Electric mower to reduce emissions for customers seeking a green alternative to traditional gas engines
  • Edge guard for increased safety while in use
  • Three position adjustable head to get rid of those weeds and tall grass even in the most difficult areas of the yard to reach
  • Cordless design
  • 12” string trimmer for full reach in small spaces

More and more homeowners are searching for lawn tools that have minimal impact on their environment. Usually, the tools that are available to do this are often expensive. Earthwise has solved this problem with an efficient trimmer that’s affordable; but that’s also going to reduce your reliance on corded or gas powered trimmers.

Why choose the Earthwise CST00012 Weed Eater? Not only is it the most cost effective model of the three, it’s a great choice for people living in urban areas with small spaces to manage. The easy to store design can reduce the space needed for the many lawn tools – another bonus for urban dwellers.


WORX WG165The WORX WG165 Weed Eater combines power with an easy to use design. With a motor that fully charges in three to five hours and an impressive 24 volts of power, you can get up to twenty-five percent more run-time every time you trim the lawn.

Other models are often associated with longer charge times, meaning you’re going to have to plan well ahead when it comes time to maintain the yard. With the quick charge time and powerful motor, you can have the yard maintenance finished in no time at all. Once charged, the motor can allow you to trim and edge a medium sized yard with ease. It’s a great choice for urban dwellings and traditional suburban home lots that don’t require excessive land area maintenance.

Features of the WORX WG165

  • Adjustable handle to manage the lawn edging and trimming of the spaces around the lawn
  • Extended life lithium ion battery that is also lightweight for easily handling and maneuvering of the weed eater
  • Handle can be adjusted for maximum control

Comparing the three models, you should take into account the power of the motor, the type and size of battery and the cost of the trimmer.

While shopping, you can use reviews that have been left by customers that have purchased the trimmer in the past to help make your decision. Look for consistently positive reviews that outline the features and benefits of the trimmer, and comments about the performance to help you make a choice that’s going to be durable, effective and easy to use.

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