Best LED Grow Lights 2014-2015 (Reviews)

If you’ve been looking to grow your vegetables during the winter time or simply looking to keep your indoor plants healthy and vibrant, then you’ll need to use a high quality LED grow light. They are simply the best way to produce healthy vegetables and fruits that you can use all year long.

Each of the LED grow lights mentioned have been shown to effectively mimic the light spectrum that is similar to the sun. They are also very effective in providing the necessary adjustments of temperature, color and spectral outputs that are required for specific plants to grow. This makes it very effective in ensuring the natural growth of your plants.

LumiGrow ES330 LED Grow Light

LumiGrow is the producer of one of the most high-end LED grow lights currently on the market for 2014-2015. Their latest release, the LumiGrow ES330 LED Grow Light has proven itself to thousands of hobby and professional horticulturists around the globe with massive yields, healthy plants, and incredible harvests. Not only does it produce amazing results, it saves a lot of money in the process. In fact, it uses half the energy of your standard high pressure sodium or metal halide lighting setup.

LumiGrow ES330 LED Grow Light

Key Features and Specifications

  • Every single bit of light that the LumiGrow ES330 LED Grow Light produces is usable by your plants. None is wasted. It’s created and engineered to only deliver effective lighting to your garden.
  • Lasts 10 times longer than your typical grow light. The light pays for itself in time.
  • Used in major university studies for proven effectiveness that’s unmatched.
  • Covers an area of approximately 12 to 16 square feet or up to a 4′ x 4′ growing area.
  • Integrated cooling system effectively keeps it operating within the optimum range of efficiency so none of the energy you’re paying for is wasted.
  • Easy to setup and hang with the integrated hanger loops.
  • Simple to use. No guesswork whatsoever – just plug it in and you’re ready to grow the most incredible plants you’ve ever seen.

HID vs. LED – What will the ES330 Replace?
As the technology over the years has jumped leaps and bounds for LED grow lights, it’s very common for growers to now replace their high pressure sodium or metal halide setup with the LumiGrow ES330 LED Grow Light. It’s said to easily replace a 1000w HID setup and bring bigger yields and better quality than the outdated technology of HID lighting. With the money you’ll save on utilities and the massive yields you’ll achieve, it’s a no brainer that investing in the ES330 makes sense.

Apollo Horticulture Purple Sun COB Full Spectrum 300W LED Grow Light

Apollo Horticulture Purple Sun COB Full Spectrum 300W LED Grow Light

If you’re searching for the latest technology in LED grow lights, look no further than the Apollo Horticulture Purple Sun COB Full Spectrum 300W LED Grow Light. It’s specially designed to provide the best color ratio spectrum on the market with the use of COB technology (chip on board). From the moment you plug it in, you know it’s designed for serious growth and incredible flowering.

Key Features and Specifications

  • The perfect color spectrum for lush, healthy plants – 440nm, 465nm, 510nm, 635nm, 660nm.
  • Low power consumption of 175W +/-3%. This keeps the utility bills low and the garden happy.
  • Cool operating temperatures emit a fraction of the heat compared to traditional fluorescent or HID lighting.
  • Built to last. The maximum operating temperature is 45 degrees Celsius, which dissipates heat for incredible efficency.
  • High PAR output – incredibly bright!
  • Small size of 12.25″ x 12.25″ x 3.62″ – but large footprint. Can effectively be used in areas up to 3′ x 3′ at 18 to 40 inches above the canopy.
  • Comes included with a free hanging kit for easy and effortless installation.
  • Has that ‘heavy-duty’ feeling. Right when you pick it up, you know it’s something special.

High quality and Performance
Apollo Horticulture has been developing top-notch grow lights for several years. This is their latest and greatest and a favorite among advanced horticulturists around the world.

G8LED 240 Watt LED Grow Light

G8LED 240 Watt LED Grow LightThe G8LED 240 Watt LED Grow Light has been tested to ensure that it provides the ideal color ratio that is ideal for growing your plants. This particular model is estimated to last up to 50,000 hours which is approximated to be 15 years – that’s a lot of value in longevity!

Key Features and Specifications

  • It uses an 8-band Wave length ratio which helps with its efficiency. The fact that it also has infrared and ultraviolet as well gives it the edge that is needed for optimal performance. It doesn’t run hot, and can even be touched after hours of extended use.
  • It uses a 240W light that is to last for the entire growth cycle. It can cover an area of 6 square feet as well.
  • The voltage for the grow light is available in 110V-240V, which is suitable for US, UK, AU and EU markets.
  • You are fully backed with a 2 year warranty that is serviced directly through the manufacturer.
  • To avoid any outages with the lights it utilizes Zener protection along with modular parts.

Avoid Poor Quality LED Grow Lights
Unlike other LED grow lights you can be assured that with the G8LED you are getting lights that do not use an aluminum that hides inferior diodes. You are receiving lights that are configured in parallel that offer Zener protection. That’s what separates these particular grow lights from many of the others on the market.

TaoTronics TT-GL14

TaoTronics TT-GL14The TaoTronics TT-GL14 is great for growing your vegetables such as lettuce, kale and spinach. You can even grow broccoli, peppers, tomatoes and wheatgrass as well. You can also utilize it help grow your indoor plants. As with the other units you won’t have to worry about any overheating as well, and the light is suitable for each stage of plant growth.

Product Features

  • It utilizes 6 bands ratio which ensures the plants receive the energy they need to grow.
  • It has been reported to provide up to 90% savings on your energy when compared to HPS grow lights.
  • It doesn’t matter what stage of growth the plant is currently undergoing as it is suitable for use at each stage.
  • To ensure that there is no overheating it uses 3 built in fans that are high powered to ensure it stays cool.

Environmentally Friendly
Unlike other LED grow lights, this one was engineered to be environmentally friendly. It uses only materials that have passed all the specifications for environmental protection. It does not use any heavy metals.

With its low energy consumption you won’t see a drastic increase in your electricity bill, so you can be assured you are receiving LED grow lights that are both efficient and cost effective as well. It is simply one of the best LED grow lights currently available on the market today.

Lighthouse Hydro BlackStar Flowering LED Grow Light

Lighthouse Hydro BlackStar Flowering LED Grow LightThe Lighthouse Hydro BlackStar has been one of the best-selling LED grow lights for quite some time. The newest model has been re-designed for even better performance. It covers an area of up to 6 square feet, so you can easily purchase a few of them to get the needed coverage area. It also utilizes a 6 band ratio which makes it a very efficient lighting system to grow, veg, and flower your plants.

The voltage range of 90v – 240v allows it to be used in countries such as the United States, Australia, United Kingdom and other countries within Europe. It is estimated to also be able to last up to 50,000 hours.

Product Features

  • It has an effective coverage area of up to six feet.
  • Currently has a life span of up to 50,000 hours.
  • It has a six band ratio.
  • Includes a 1 year manufacturer warranty.

Very Efficient & Powerful
From all accounts this LED grow light has shown that it is very effective in both growing indoor plants along with your indoor vegetable garden. The lighting produced has low energy consumption but still packs the powerful punch needed to ensure that your plants grow.

Advanced Platinum Series P300 300w 11-band LED Grow Light

Diamond LED Grow Light - DS200What’s great about the Advanced Platinum Series P300 is that it is able to produce the same or even better results of its competitors, while consuming less than half the power. It only consumes 185 watts of power, making it a very ideal solution for use with growing your plants without consuming too much electricity. It combines 11 different bands of light spectrum with 3W LEDs that simply outperforms the competition.

Product Features

  • It uses a primary lens of 60 degrees, along with a secondary lens of 90 degrees that focuses the light for best results.
  • You won’t have to worry about overheating as it utilizes 2x brushless fans that are very high speed. This is in conjunction with the 3w single chip LEDs.
  • Massive coverage of 4.5 by 3.8 feet for either flowering or vegging with a hanging height of 18 inches.
  • The range of voltage available with these grow lights is 85-260v.
  • The dimensions of the unit are 19 inches by 9 inches by 3 inches.
  • Backed by an impressive 5 year warranty along with a 90 day satisfaction/return guarantee if you’re not happy with the way it performs. This gives a lot of peace of mind.

Less Heat & Energy Consumption
When you use these LED grow lights you’ll notice a significant difference with the amount of heat that is produced by the unit. Unlike other LED Grow lights you won’t have to worry about overheating or issues with high energy consumption. It’s simply a very good way to continue to grow your plants without increasing your energy usage to a level that is not manageable.

Final Thoughts

Since LED growing technology has developed over the last couple years, it now makes more sense to invest in the best LED grow light if you’re looking for happy plants and promising yields. The panels we’ve listed above make great choices, but if none of those seem to suit your interest, here are a few more incredibly high quality LED grow lights for 2015:


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